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PMSL's approach right through has been to walk along with the people of the area, that is local Tribals, by involving them, by learning them, by creating specialists and most importantly by using an honest down-to-earth style of functioning. Almost fanatically people-oriented PMSL upholds traditional values as the core of its philosophy.

The PMSL is committed to continuous up gradation, development of mining/mineral and processes to ensure the highest quality standard. The vision of the PMSL is to Emerge as a leading Mining and Metal Company, continue to be a socially responsible company and strive for operational excellence in Mining and Exploration. Over the past decades, the PMSL has bloomed in its areas of specialization of mining, processing and trading of mined products. In these areas of expertise lies the core strength of the PMSL.

The future of the PMSL lies in consolidating its strength and moving forward in its core capabilities. The Company's objective is to position itself amongst the top players in each of its areas of operations nationally and globally. The combined strengths and expertise of the PMSL and it's partners the CMDC who have richer experience and expertise in mining will leave nothing unachieved in the fields of metal and mineral processing. The key to all these are the philosophy of bringing value to the business unit and share it with our customers, the society, employees and our shareholders.

Lastly PMSL has the backing of the highly qualified experts in the field of mining being a Joint Venture Company of the CMDC.
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