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PMSL is promoted by Lunia Group. The promoters have sound & Rich experience in mining & mineral processing activity.

The Group has commissioned the latest Tin manufacturing facility at Jagdalpur. As there was no other Tin Smelting Plant running successfully in existence in our country it necessitated PMSL for building of new smelting plant for Tin.

The technology of smelting plant was developed with in house R&D and is the only successful working Tin Smelting Plant in India. The PMSL produces high purity Tin ingots with quality which exceeds International Standards and this is an achievement for the company and the technology has been developed in house which surpasses the global standards.

The PMSL Tin manufacturing facility houses Tin Smelter, Liquidation Furnace and Refining unit with state of the art technology and a Modern Pollution Control Equipment is also installed.
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